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“ SCGC”………. The Sugar Dollar!!

Bula Vinaka and Welcome to Sugar Cane Growers Council (SCGC). In 1984 under the Sugar Industry Act. No. 8 the SCGC was established to effectively represent the interest of the all the cane growers of Fiji.

The sugarcane growers has done magic for this nation by producing millions of tonnes of the sweet sugarcane, earning billions of dollars from sale of sugar. No other crop has earned this much of foreign dollar for the nation. This money has gone a long way to develop the infrastructure and improve the life style of all our citizens.'

Growers Environmental Commitment

After more than a century of cultivation, the sugar cane plant has not only shaped the lives of our people, but also the economy and the face of the nation by having 98,000 hectares available for planting cane on the two largest islands. The growers has done all this by still maintaining the pristine sandy beaches, tropical flora and fauna next to the farms by being in harmony with its physical and social environment, to be sustainable by planting on contours and developing vetiver hedge grow from as early as 1950s.

Discover the Cane Grower

Have the privilege to know about the growers (who the SCGC represents) for their friendly nature, hospitability and resilient in front of adverse weather conditions and commercial adversities.

You may desire to experience this unique life style of the cane growers by visiting them in person or get a glimpse of their organization that is the Sugar Cane Growers Council.

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